US Travel Waiver

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Whether you need to renew your US Travel Waiver, or if you have been denied entry to the US or your Waiver has been revoked, you need to obtain professional guidance. Note that receiving a Canadian Record Suspension (Pardon) does not guarantee entry into the US. In fact, US Customs and Border Protection do not need to consider that at all. If you are deemed inadmissible, you must have a Waiver in place. Certain types of charges will automatically deem someone as inadmissible. These include but are not limited to: drug cultivation, trafficking, importation, money laundering, and human trafficking, Sexual offences are dependent on the circumstances including the relationship between the offender and the victim. The US Customs and Border Protection needs assurance that applicants pose NO security threat. If you are deemed to be high risk, you may be denied, and have the option to appeal within 30 days. Allow our experienced team to prepare your application package efficiently and in a timely manner.

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